Blue plasma ball

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blue plasma ball
blue plasma ball

Normally, people avoid having balls of this color, but this ball is special. It has a magical lightning storm raging constantly within it. When you touch it, the electricity arcs toward your fingers. It makes you feel a little like a cyberpunk fortune teller ("I see that you will meet a tall, dark, and handsome robot that will install a corneal implant that will give you an HUD for your biomechanical gun arm").

Type: usable
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Gift Item

(In-game plural: blue plasma balls)
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Item number: 3281
Description ID: 670556086
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Obtained From

Summon Tasteful Items

When Used

  • Used without a dwelling at your campsite:
You've got nowhere to put this thing. Maybe you should buy a tent or something.
  • Used without a blue plasma ball in your dwelling:
You head into your <dwelling> and plug in the plasma ball. Oooooooh.
  • Used with a blue plasma ball in your dwelling:
You've already got a plasma ball in your <dwelling>.
  • Resting with a blue plasma ball in your dwelling:
    You gaze into the hypnotic swirl of energy inside your plasma ball. Whoah.
    Stuckuphair.gifYou acquire an effect: Stuck-Up Hair
    (duration: 5 Adventures)
    • After 3-5 activations:
      Your blue plasma ball crackles weakly, emits a whine that sounds like "pika...pika...pika..." and goes dark.


  • Activation will not occur if you have 2 or more turns of Stuck-Up Hair remaining.
  • Will break after a number of activations, approximately 3-5 uses.
  • Unlike the beanbag chair and gauze hammock, it can be combined with other household furnishings, including the others that can be summoned through the tasteful gifts.


  • The item is a Plasma Globe.
  • The item description refers to the term blue balls, a slang sexual term.
  • The "pika..." sound the ball makes is a reference to the Pokémon Pikachu.


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