Bloovian Groose

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Bloovian Groose

A fuzzy li'l friend
whose winks and smiles warm your heart
'til the bitter end

Increases stat gains and Meat drops from monsters
Produces nutritious grease

Ability: Acts as a Leprechaun and a Blood-Faced Volleyball; drops groose grease.

Throne/Bjorn: +10 MP/HP, delevels 30% of combat rounds

Hatchling: Groosehoose.gif The Groose in the Hoose

Familiar-Specific Equipment: Sprucejuice.gif spruce juice

Arena.gif Ultimate Cage Match Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Hide and Seek
Olive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gifOlive.gif

Mumming Trunk Abilities:

+15% Meat Drop 4-5 MP +4 Muscle statgain +15% Item Drop +4 Mysticality statgain 8-10 HP +4 Moxie statgain
Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif
*Hover for details
Dasboot.gifCannot breathe underwater
Combat Messages
  • At the end of combat:
    • With adorable winks and yet still cuter grinning,
      there's no doubt about it -- your Groose is quite winning!
    • With a wink and a smile and a smile and a wink,
      the Groose, he approves of your actions (you think.)
    • With a smile and a wink and a wink and a smile,
      your Bloovian Groose is quite cute -- no denial!
    • From your little friend's face comes a wink and a gleam,
      I'd say you and your Groose make a pretty good team!
    • With a sound that's a cross 'tween a squick and a shqueese,
      your Groose, he produces a small glob of grease.
Groosegrease.gifYou acquire an item: groose grease
  • Enthroned in the Crown of Thrones:
    Your Groose drops some Grease at the feet of your foes,
    And he slips and falls down and looks dazed and bull-dozed.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by X
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by Y
  • Bjornified in the Buddy Bjorn:
    Your Groose drops some grease from the sack on your back;
    your foe falls with toes up on top of the stack.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by X
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by Y
  • With lucky Tam O'Shanter equipped:
    The Groose winks and winks 'neath the brim of the hat
    then he winks four more times -- whatchoo think about that?
  • With miniature gravy-covered maypole equipped:
    When it comes to some dancing, a Groose is no slouch,
    so he dances his heart out, then naps on a couch.
  • With wax lips equipped:
    From behind those wax lips comes a wink and a gleam,
    I'd say you and your Groose make a pretty good team!


  • Similar to other Content Familiars, the base drop rate on groose grease per day decreases for every additional grease you get, but for each turn you spend and do not get a grease, the drop rate for that grease increases by 5 percentage points.
groose grease Drop Rates
grease # 1 2 3 4 5
Drop Rate 25% + 5%*N 20% + 5%*N 15% + 5%*N 10% + 5%*N 5% + 5%*N
Expected combats from last drop 3.03 3.42 3.91 4.52 5.29


  • All the hit messages and the name (Bloovian Groose) are a reference to Dr. Seuss
  • The "spruce juice" familiar equipment may be a play on the nickname of Howard Hughes' H-4 Hercules aircraft, the "Spruce Goose".
  • The "groose grease" is a play on "goose grease", which is made from goose fat & was used, in times past, as an ingredient in various home remedies. It also became a part of colloquial sayings, such as "slick as goose grease", etc. It is not commonly used nowadays, as modern remedies use better, non-perishable ingredients instead.
  • The familiar <name> is not listed with the poems, because variable syllables would make the rhyming scheme nigh-impossible.