Bloody clown pants

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bloody clown pants
bloody clown pants

This is a pair of bloody clown pants. Believe me -- you don't want to know how the blood got there.

Type: pants
Power: 50
Moxie Required: 10
Outfit: Terrifying Clown Suit
  (5 items)

Selling Price: 60 Meat.

+3 Spooky Damage
Makes you look 25% clowny

(In-game plural: pairs of bloody clown pants)
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Item number: 432
Description ID: 338249118
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Obtained From

The "Fun" House
scary clown
shaky clown
The Heap
I Refuse!



  • This item refers to a dead baby joke that has the punchline of: "Getting the blood out of your clown suit."

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