Blessed by the RNG

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Blessed by the RNG

Blessed by the RNG

You have been blessed by the Random Number Generator with extraordinary luck. Fortunate!


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Effect number: 216
Description ID: e449f82b68903398fc800a02cf2aa318
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Obtained From


  • This effect is most likely granted by The RNG to those who, instead of begging and mocking the RNG, treat the RNG with respect.
  • This effect is not cancelled by Cursed by the RNG, it is possible to have both effects simultaneously if the RNG is in a particularly odd mood. There is no currently observable effect of having both effects
  • As an NPC, The RNG is capable of targeting players in Hardcore or Ronin.


  • The picture of the barbed-wire fence refers to the relief felt by many Hardcore players and speed ascenders prior to NS13 when they found a barbed-wire fence while completing their necessary trips at The Shore, Inc., which is to say the RNG loved them because they no longer had to worry about what would happen if they encountered the Enraged Cow in the Sorceress' Tower.