Black kettle drum

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black kettle drum
black kettle drum

This is a big-ass drum. If Zarathustra was about to perform at the Apollo, you could use this to introduce him.

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed drum)
Damage: 14 - 28
Moxie Required: 55
Selling Price: 123 Meat.

Moxie +5
Maximum HP/MP +30

(In-game plural: black kettle drums)
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Item number: 3865
Description ID: 673197779
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Obtained From

The Black Forest
All Over the Map
Sunday Black Sunday
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Black Forest
An Olith, Mon



  • Zarathustra is referring to the piece Also sprach Zarathustra used as the opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey, featuring drums in the first few bars.
  • The Apollo is a reference to both the Apollo Theater, and the Apollo rocket -- Also sprach Zarathustra was used to accompany the BBC's Apollo mission coverage.

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