Black greaves

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black greaves
black greaves

This is a pair of greaves once worn by the fierce Black Knight. Damn, Gina. These greaves so intimidating.

(Meatsmithing component)
Type: pants
Power: 160
Moxie Required: 65
Outfit: Black Armaments
  (4 items)

Selling Price: 145 Meat.

Muscle +10
Damage Absorption +30

(In-game plural: pairs of black greaves)
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Item number: 2640
Description ID: 207650845
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Obtained From

The Black Forest
The Blackest Smith
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Black Forest
Black Knight



  • "Damn, Gina" refers to the exclamation by Martin Lawrence on the Martin Lawrence Show, usually referring to something/someone he found attractive, or something frustrating; he also starred in the movie Black Knight.

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