Black Hole Terrarium

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Black Hole Terrarium
Black Hole Terrarium

This trophy is earned by having familiars with a total weight of at least 500 lbs.

Black Hole Terrarium You're entitled to the "Black Hole Terrarium" Trophy, for having familiars in excess of 500 pounds.


  • This trophy must be attained in one ascension, as familiar weight resets when you ascend.
  • Only your familiar's unbuffed weight counts towards this trophy.
  • Familiars with 0 experience don't count toward the total; only familiars used for one or more combats are included.
  • Each familiar's actual combat experience is counted, up to a maximum of 20 lbs, whether or not the familiar has special behavior governing effective weight during play (homemade robot, Ghost of Crimbo Carols, et. al).
  • This requires a minimum of 25 familiars before being achievable.
  • The Stocking Mimic does not count towards the goal. It never gains experience.
  • When this trophy was first implemented, it was only possible to acquire it by obtaining Mr. Store familiars. With the additional familiars that have been released since then, any player can now obtain it inexpensively.


  • A black hole is a region of space from which no light can escape, caused by the gravitational collapse of extremely massive stars.
  • The filename of the image for this trophy, "he_aint_heavy_hes_my_familiar.gif", probably refers to the song He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", written by B. Scott and B. Russell, which peaked at #7 on the charts in 1970 as performed by the Hollies and at #20 in 1970 as performed by Neil Diamond, and peaked at #30 as the B-side to "Let It Shine" in 1976 as performed by Olivia Newton-John. Variants of the phrase are attested as early as 1884.