Black Crayon Manloid

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Black Crayon Manloid
Monster ID 1190
Locations Anywhere, with an Artistic Goth Kid equipped (after fighting a humanoid-type monster)
Hit Points 75% of Defense
Attack Moxie (cap at 10 000)
Defense Muscle (cap at 10 000)
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum humanoid
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
crayon shavings
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Black Crayon Manloid You're fighting a Black Crayon Manloid

Do you like that word, "Manloid?" I made it up to describe a creature that looks human, but isn't. You know, like giants and dwarves and my fascist Dad. This one is drawn from black crayon and brought to life by the power of dark, mopey, whiny magic.

Hit Message(s):

He whips his snakelike neck forward and bonks you with his big, round head. Eek! Argh! Ow!

He smacks you with his little flipper-arm. It's like that time you broke up with a harp seal. Ooh! Eek! Eek!

He gets his little stubby legs wrapped around your torso and squeezes the breath out of you. Ooh! Ouch! Eek!

He wraps his long torso around you like a snake and squeezes you until you see spots. And stars. Stars with spots on 'em. Ow! Ooh! Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

He smears a black crayon line around your neck, which constricts until you feel like your eyes are about to pop out. (CRITICAL HIT!) Ouch! Ugh! Ow!

Miss Message(s):

He walks a few steps forward then looks coyly back over his shoulder. You're not sure why.

He tries to smack you, but his little flipper-arm doesn't have much power behind it.

He tries to bonk you with his big, round head, but finally all those years of playing dodgeball in gym class pay off.

He tries to kick you in the shin, but can't reach with his stubby little legs.

Fumble Message:

His improbably-long spine finally gives out and he collapses to the ground until he can scrape some extra crayon off of his legs to reinforce it. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Crayonshavings.gifYou acquire an item: crayon shavings (100% chance)*

Occurs anywhere, with an Artistic Goth Kid equipped (after fighting a humanoid-type monster).