BittyCar HotCar

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BittyCar HotCar
BittyCar HotCar

This is a tiny remote-controlled car. You put it on the remote control to charge it up, and after a few hours it's ready for you to drive it around for 90 seconds or so, before it needs to be charged up again.

This one has a hood-mounted flamethrower on it, the better to scorch your enemies' shins.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: BittyCar HotCars)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Uncle Crimboku's Futuristic Trailer (100 plastic ingots and 150 electrical thingamabobs)

When Used

  • If no BittyCars have been used today:
You put the HotCar on the BittyCar charger and... wait for something fun to happen.
  • If a different BittyCar has been used today:
You take the other BittyCar off the charger and put the HotCar on it. Now... you... wait for the fun, I guess.
  • If the HotCar is already active:
You've already got one of those charging. You just need to be patient.

In Combat

  • Sometimes:
    Your BittyCar HotCar leaps off its charger and starts doing loops around your opponent. You fire its flamethrower, burning him for 31-39 damage. Then you pop the HotCar back on the charger again.


  • Not consumed when used.
  • The combat effect occurs randomly (not more than once per combat) until rollover (or ascension).
  • Only one BittyCar HotCar / SoulCar / MeatCar can be active at a time. Using a second one disables the first.


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