Bite Minion

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Bite Minion

Bite Minion

Type: Noncombat
Zombie Cost: 1

You know how in cartoons, there'll be two guys on a desert island, starving, and one of them will look at his friend and the friend suddenly looks like a giant roasted chicken? Man there sure are a lot of giant roasted chickens hanging around you.

Consume one of your zombies to restore some health

Source: An Open Grave
Price: N/A
Class: Zombie Master
Level: Hunger of the Zombie 1
Effect: skill's effect, optional if "effect" specified above
When Used:
You grab one of your hapless minions by the throat and chew through his skull until you reach the delicious chewy center.
  • If cast more than once:

You sacrifice several zombie minions to feed the bottomless hunger that gnaws at your soul. Also, to heal your wounds. It's pretty effective for that, at least.

HPYou gain some hit points.


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