Bit O' Quail Spleen

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Bit O' Quail Spleen
Bit O' Quail Spleen

This is a rare Roman Times delicacy: a little bit of quail spleen dipped in bile and frosted with powdered sugar. Seriously, try it, it's great. I'd eat one, but I just had a big dinner and I'm pretty full right now.

Type: potion
Effect: Vented Spleen (10 Adventures)Weapon Damage +25

(In-game plural: Bits O' Quail Spleen)
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Item number: 7914
Description ID: 632392031
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Obtained From

Flattus Maximus, Caesar (Occurs with the Gladiatorial Glad Rags equipped)

When Used

You eat the Bit O' Quail Spleen and feel your spleen vent a little to compensate.
Liver.gifYou acquire an effect: Vented Spleen
(duration: 10 Adventures)


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