Bird-a-Day calendar

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Bird-a-Day calendar
Bird-a-Day calendar

True to its name, this calendar features a single bird on every page. Who knew there were so many birds? The authors of this calendar, that's who. And probably, like, freshman ornithology students. The point is that you didn't, until you saw this.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

Receive a blessing from a different bird each day

(In-game plural: Bird-a-Day calendars)
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Item number: 10434
Description ID: 510437377
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Obtained From

unopened Bird-a-Day calendar

When Used

First time:

You flip to the next page on the Bird-a-Day calendar. Today's bird is the <bird>!
What a charming little creature! You glance around, trying to spot one.

You acquire a skill: Findbird.gif Seek out %birdname%


You already read about today's bird. It's time to go find one and look at it!


  • Is automatically pulled for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    Can't leave without your cool bird calendar!
    Birdcal.gifYou acquire an item: Bird-a-Day calendar


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