Biologically Shocked

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Biologically Shocked

Biologically Shocked

You've got a potent genetic enhancement drug coursing through your veins. It's doing weird things to your body -- most noticeably to your left hand, for some reason.

Unleash strange forces in combat

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Effect number: 621
Description ID: f81d7473f0a24503c9ab73be50bbc664
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  • At the end of each round of combat, adds an extra attack:
Arcs of electricity crawl all over your left hand. You reach toward your opponent and him[sic] is engulfed in a cascade of lightning bolts from your fingertips, momentarily incapacitated.
Your left hand bursts into flames. You try to shake it off, but manage only to douse your opponent with little gobbets of flame, dealing 80-100 damage.
Your left hand frosts over. You grab your opponent, dealing 80-100 damage in a desperate attempt to warm yourself up.
Your left hand is suddenly crawling with tiny stinging insects. You freak out, hurling them every which way. Some of them hit your opponent, leaving him scratching a multitude of tiny annoying wounds.
  • The electricity attack staggers your opponent.
  • The insect attack delevels the enemy by 10 ML (but does not display the standard deleveling message).


  • The name and description are a reference to the video game BioShock. Specifically, the effect is referencing plasmids, special genetic enhancements that allow the player to alter the game's world. Plasmids are fired out of the main character's left hand. The specific attacks that can occur from this effect are Electro Bolt, Incinerate!, Winter Blast, and Insect Swarm.

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