Bind Undead Elbow Macaroni

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Bind Undead Elbow Macaroni

Bind Undead Elbow Macaroni

Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: 100

Remember those macaroni guys you fought, way back in the day, when you first started adventuring? Well, how'd you like to have one of those guys of your very own. Sound good? Well, good thing you know this skill, then!

Summons an Elbow Macaroni thrall

Source: Guild trainer
Price: 4,000 Meat
Class: Pastamancer
Level: 9
Effect: Summons an Elbow Macaroni thrall. A thrall acts like a second familiar in combat.
  • When bound for the first time:

Your consciousness turns inward, and then outward, and ends up somewhere else entirely.

You swim through the higher planes, tethered to the corporeal realm by a tenuous strand of spaghetti. You follow some instinct, some unutterable, deep knowledge, to a place where dim spirits flit between slightly less dim trees. You find the spirit you're looking for.

"Hello, spirit." you say.


"Beg pardon?"

"<name>. My name is <name>."

"Pleased to meet you, <name>. How would you feel about being called on to do me a favor, from time to time?"

"Indifferent," says <name> with a sigh, "but the rules are the rules. I'll be there when you call."

The spirit drifts away as you follow your noodle home and shift sideways, back into the physical realm.

Undead elbow macaroni (Pasta Thrall)
  • Subsequent binding:

You focus your thoughts and call out to <name>. He claws his way up from beneath the ground at your feet.

You call out for your macaroni buddy, but he doesn't answer. Instead a bunch of jagged shards of uncooked pasta suddenly erupt from your skin. Ow!

Macaronibits.gifYou acquire an effect: Macaroni Coating
(duration: 10 Adventures)