Bilge wine

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bilge wine
bilge wine

This is a bottle of wine made from the bilge water of a pirate ship. The word "bilge" sounds kind of nasty, and there's a very good reason for that. Imagine prison wine, but with more urine.

Type: booze (decent)
Potency: 3
Selling Price: 65 Meat.

(In-game plural: bottles of bilge wine)
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Item number: 2976
Description ID: 915332790
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Obtained From

The Poop Deck
whiny pirate
Summon hobo underling/Ask the hobo for a drink (0-2)
The Gnomish Micromicrobrewery (sometimes) (195 Meat)

When Consumed

You drink the bilge wine. It has a delicate aroma of human waste, with insouciant hints of salt water and rotting fish.
AdventuresYou gain 3-6 Adventures.
You gain 3 Drunkenness.


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