Big slimy cyst

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big slimy cyst
big slimy cyst

This is the kind of slimy cyst Peter Gabriel could really get excited about -- it's three feet in diameter, heavy, and covered in slime.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: big slimy cysts)
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Item number: 4094
Description ID: 875116700
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Obtained From

The Slime Tube
Slime Colossus

When Used

You wipe off the cyst and hit it with a hammer until it splits open. Hey, nifty!
Hulahoop.gifYou acquire an item: crusty hula hoop
(~42.91% chance)
Redwagon.gifYou acquire an item: red wagon
(~52.36% chance)
Unicycle2.gifYou acquire an item: rickety old unicycle
(~6.62% chance)



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