Big bundle of chamoix

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big bundle of chamoix
big bundle of chamoix

Wow! This is a tightly-wrapped bundle of chamoix. It'll hold up to a billion times its own weight in liquid, and it's great for wiping your hands off after you punch a prostitute!

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: big bundles of chamoix)
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Item number: 3995
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Obtained From

The Bucket (if there are at least 100 chamoix in it, and you have dungeon administrator privileges)

When Used

You head down into your clan's basement and toss the bundle of chamoix into the bucket at the rim of the Slime Tube.
  • If used when the clan Slime Tube is not available:
Your clan doesn't have access to the Slime Tube, so there's not much you can do with this bundle of chamoix.



  • TV pitchman Vince Offer rose to prominence advertising "ShamWow," a brand of chamoix-like absorbent towels. "It'll hold up to a billion times its own weight in liquid" refers to Vince's inflated advertising claims. In February 2009, he was arrested for allegedly striking a prostitute, an event which was widely reported on and lampooned.


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