Big bumboozer marble

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big bumboozer marble
big bumboozer marble

This is not a Callipygian alcoholic, but a giant-sized plain white marble. It doesn't matter how many ducks your opponents have in a row -- this thing is gonna let you roll all over 'em.

Type: off-hand item
Mysticality Required: 85
Cannot be discarded

Spell Damage +80

(In-game plural: big bumboozer marbles)
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Item number: 4105
Description ID: 561342079
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Obtained From

tiny slimy cyst (0-1)
small slimy cyst (0-5)
black catseye marble (with at least 2 in inventory)

When Used

You squat, draw a circle in the dirt with your finger, and play with the marbles for a while. It's fun, but it makes you wish you had some friends.
The Collector
The Collector
  • Tell him to take the marbles: Gain 32,768 Meat, lose one of each marble.
  • Tell him to take a hike: Nothing.



  • Callipygian is defined as "having well-shaped buttocks", so "callipygian alcoholic" refers to the name of the item: "Big Bum-" (callipygian) "-boozer" (alcoholic).
  • The word bumboozer or bumbo is used for any kind of unusually big marble.
  • "Having your ducks in a row" is an idiom that means someone has everything organized and planned.

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