Bifurcating Blow

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Bifurcating Blow

Bifurcating Blow

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 10

"If you love someone, cut them in half," Boris would say. Then he would say "Wait. Did I say 'love'? I meant 'see'."

Source: Boris's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Boris
Level: Fighting 10
Effect: Insta-gib an opponent, 20 turn cooldown. Halves hp of bosses.
When Used:
You slam your axe into your opponent's chest, give it a twist to lock it in place, then tear off their entire ribcage.

You split your opponent cleanly down the middle, clearly revealing all of his internal organs. Unfortunately, he's not in a fit state for an anatomy lesson at the moment.

You give your axe to Clancy to hold for a moment, then slam your fist into your opponent's guts, brace your foot against his sternum, and tear out his spine with a deafening CRACK!

You whirl like a dervish and slam your axe into your foe's side, cleanly bisecting they[sic] just above the pelvis (or pelvis-analogue). The legs stay standing, which is pretty good for a laugh.

Your foe ducks as you swing your axe at her neck, leaving she[sic] open for you to slam your forehead into the bridge of her nose. Her skull explodes in a shower of brains and gore.


You don't quite manage to bifurcate him, but the partial split deals X damage.

Batgut.gifYou acquire an effect: Foe-Splattered
(duration: 20 Adventures)


  • The second message is received when using the skill against bosses (including tower monsters).
    • In such a case X is (monster's current hp - 1) / 2 rounded down.
    • If the boss has physical immunity then the damage is reduced to 1 as normal.
  • If you are wearing equipment which adds bonus elemental damage to attacks, this damage is not added to Bifurcating Blow.
  • Despite the text referring to your axe, this skill can be used empty-handed.

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