Bewitching boots

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bewitching boots
bewitching boots

This is a pair of absolutely adorable, completely charming boots. They used to have, or will in the future, belonged to one of the Prophets of the Six Elements. After you experienced ancestral memories, only in reverse, of your distant predecessor defeating an ancient elder god, the Prophets sent this to you as a reward.

Or they might have just been trying to mess with your mind and screw up all your verb tenses.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 65
Selling Price: 250 Meat.
Cannot be traded

+10% Meat from Monsters
Slight Cute Resistance

(In-game plural: pairs of bewitching boots)
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Item number: 4113
Description ID: 288369149
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Obtained From

secret from the future (as a Sauceror)


  • If you wear this item and either brazen bracelet or bitter bowtie, you get a hidden +10% meat and a doubling of the given resistances. If you wear all three items, you get a hidden +30% meat and a tripling of the given resistances.
  • The Cute Resistance enchantment is believed to have no effect.

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