Better Dread Than Dead

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Better Dread Than Dead
Better Dread Than Dead

You see a drum circle of hippies a few yards away. They're unkempt, their music sucks, and they smell horrible. You're tempted to grab one and lick him just to offend all your senses at once, but you take deep breaths (through your mouth) until the urge passes.

One of the hippies looks up from his percussive trance and spots you. You tense for a fight, but he's too blissed out to rumble. "Greetings, fellow child of Gaia," the hippy says. "What happened to your dreadlocks?" Apparently he's not used to people who actually wash their hair every now and again.

"Yeah, about that," you say. "Why do you guys do that to your hair anyway?"

The hippy looks shocked. "Don't you know that dreadlocks are, like, divine antennae, man? They focus mystical energy and send it straight into your soul, man. Let me help you."

Over your faint objections, the hippy spends the next two hours turning your perfectly serviceable head of hair into sticky, nasty clumps of hippiness.

Hippywig.gifYou acquire an effect: Dreadlocked
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Hippy Camp (Bad Moon only).


  • A reference to the slogan "Better dead than red" coined during the Cold War.