Berry Experiential

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Berry Experiential

Berry Experiential

Eating that berry was great for your experience gains. The first thing you've learned was: it's a good idea to eat weird berries that are usually only eaten by weird animals.

+6 Stats Per Fight

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Berry Experiential (granted by every berry)
Berry Effect
Berry2.gif Egnaro berry Restores 50% of max MP
Berry4.gif Glum berry Cures negative status effects
Berry5.gif Jamocha berry Berry Thorny, weapon damage and stinging damage
Berry8.gif Keese berry Berry Defensive, +100 DA and +10 DR
Berry3.gif Nadsat berry Berry Critical, +30% chance of critical hit
Berry1.gif Sitrep berry Restores 75% of max HP
Berry7.gif Snarf berry Berry Statistical, +100% to mainstat and +66% to offstats
Berry6.gif Tapioc berry Berry Elemental, +1 resist to all elements