Behind the Music. Literally.

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Behind the Music. Literally.
Behind the Music. Literally.

You escape the notice of the weird dancers long enough to duck through a door into the back hallway of the discotheque. It's... strange. Everything is featureless and white from floor to ceiling. There are identical doors as far as you can see in one direction, and an elevator at the end of the hallway in the other.

You look more closely and see that the walls and doors aren't featureless at all -- each door has a strange control panel next to it, white buttons and white readouts on a white background.

One of the doors is slightly ajar.

Try a random door

You try random doors until you find one unlocked, and dart inside. Unfortunately, all you find is a bunch of empty crates marked

Handle with care.

But hey, there are a few of those cool horoscopes on the floor. Score!

Horoscope.gifYou acquire 2-3 random disco horoscopes

Investigate the open door

You make sure there's nobody watching, push the door open, and slip through it...

Into a darkened room at least 20 times the size of the entire discotheque. This building has some issues with respect for authority, namely the authority of physics.

As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you see that the walls are lined with a seemingly endless series of tall glass tanks filled with green goo, hooked to the walls by pipes and hoses and festooned with control panels and readouts made of the same weird white stuff that comprises everything in the hallway.

You move closer to one of the tanks, and as you approach you are startled by a sudden movement from within it -- a humanoid form -- taller than a typical human, maybe, but close enough for government work -- scary government work.

You hear somebody coming, so you duck out of the room and head back to the dance floor, but on your way out you find a scrap of paper on the ground with the cryptic partial phrase "...tching DT storage to room L17 due t..." on it.

Look for room L17

Now that you know that these doors have numbers on them, you're able to identify which one is L17.

You wait a few moments for one of the weird disco dancers to come out of it, and you dash inside before the door swings shut.

Unlike the previous room with all of the weird cylindrical fluid tanks in it, this room contains a bunch of cylindrical objects filled with a weird fluid. This time, though, they're just regular old 55-gallon chemical drums, each marked with an ominous stencil:

Effective concentration:
1,971 PPM

You like the DISCO part, but not so much the Toxin part. And while you're busy not liking things, you discover a screen on the wall displaying a map of the Kingdom with all of its municipal water sources labeled with big white Xes.

Another screen nearby looks like it's connected to a security camera, and on it you notice something interesting -- one of those weird disco dancers pressing a hidden button near the elevator then disappearing into a trap door in the floor. You should go investigate that trap door. Later, though. What you should do now is run away, because you hear somebody coming.

Listen at the trap door

You press your ear to the trap door, and sure enough, you overhear a muffled conversation. You can't make out most of the words, but you are able to discern the phrases "elevator code," "0451" and "boss fight."

What could it mean?

Get in the elevator
  • Before listening at the trap door:

You press the elevator button, but nothing happens. You wonder if maybe the keypad underneath it has something to do with that.

  • After listening at the trap door:
The Sagittarian This monster is a Dude -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: The Sagittarian's leisure pants
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 100 • Substat Gain: 25 • Moxie for No Hit*: 110
  • Monster Defense: 100
  • Hit Points: 500
  • Initiative: 1000
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: ?

Occurs in The Space Odyssey Discotheque.


  • "Investigate the open door" unlocks and is replaced by "Look for room L17" the next encounter, and "Look for room L17" unlocks and is replaced by "Listen at the trap door" after that.
  • "Listen at the trap door" does not end the adventure.
  • This adventure will always occur every 20 adventures, regardless of combat modifiers. This persists upon rollover. Getting beaten up and running away does advance this counter.
  • Once the Sagittarian is defeated, "Try a random door" is your only option.


  • Before October 20, 2013, looking for room L17 did nothing and showed this message instead:
Now that you know that these doors have numbers on them, you're able to identify which one is L17.
Unfortunately, it's locked. Maybe tomorrow it will have been carelessly left open.
  • Before October 21, 2013, listening at the trap door gave this message instead:
You listen at the trap door for a while, but you don't hear anything. Maybe there will be something interesting happening under there tomorrow. And by maybe I mean definitely, because I know the future.


  • The code 0451 is well-known for its use as an Easter egg in several video games starting with System Shock in 1994. The number and variations on it have appeared as door codes in System Shock 2, the Deus Ex series, and the Bioshock series.