Beginning at the Beginning of Beginning

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You step into a dimly-lit chamber, and discover that the floor is covered with large stone tiles, each engraved with a single letter. It looks like you're going to have to walk on the tiles to reach the exit, and your finely-honed adventurer senses tell you that stepping on the wrong tile will probably mean instant death. How did that rhyme go, again? "I before E, except after C"?

Beginning at the Beginning of Beginning
Beginning at the Beginning of Beginning
Tileg.gif Tiler.gif Tilee.gif Tiles.gif Tilea.gif Tilek.gif Tileo.gif Tilen.gif Tiley.gif
Tilet.gif Tilen.gif Tileg.gif Tilee.gif Tilei.gif Tilem.gif Tilea.gif Tileo.gif Tiles.gif
Tilec.gif Tilei.gif Tiler.gif Tilea.gif Tilev.gif Tiled.gif Tilet.gif Tilen.gif Tilek.gif
Tiler.gif Tilee.gif Tileb.gif Tileo.gif Tiled.gif Tilea.gif Tilei.gif Tilen.gif Tiles.gif
Tilee.gif Tiler.gif Tilel.gif Tilen.gif Tiled.gif Tilei.gif Tileo.gif Tileb.gif Tileh.gif
Tileb.gif Tilen.gif Tilee.gif Tileo.gif Tileh.gif Tilek.gif Tilea.gif Tiler.gif Tilei.gif
Tileh.gif Tileg.gif Tilei.gif Tiles.gif Tileb.gif Tileo.gif Tilec.gif Tilej.gif Tilep.gif
Rightarrow.gif     (Start)     Leftarrow.gif

INSTRUCTIONS: You are currently standing on the row indicated by the arrows. You can jump to any tile on the row directly above the one that you're standing on. If you pick the wrong tile, something terrible will almost surely happen to you. Which tiles are correct? That's for you to find out.

Taking a correct step:

You take a deep breath, and hop to the next tile. Nothing appears to happen.

Taking an incorrect step:

As you step to that tile, something tells you that you've made an incorrect choice. That something is a large stone pillar pistoning down from the ceiling and mashing you to a pulp. Squish!

HPYou lose (all) hit points.

After reaching the other side:

Leads to No Visible Means of Support.

Occurs at The Hidden Temple after At Least It's Not Full Of Trash as part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin.


  • You should begin at the beginning of beginning.
  • The correct sequence of tiles is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
  • If you step on a wrong tile you will lose a few thousand hp, and you will have to re-start the puzzle from the beginning.
  • This is one of the few (perhaps only?) adventures that contains two titled blue boxes. On the top is a flavored text "Results" box, below is second box, titled "Beginning at the Beginning of Beginning", which contains the actual puzzle and instructions.
  • The title is also a clue to the first letter.


  • This adventure was previously called Dvorak's Revenge. The name was changed around March 20th, 2013 due to some complaints about the obtuse nature of the puzzle.


  • Dvorak is the name of a non-standard keyboard layout. Most keyboards are in qwerty, and the puzzle looks a lot like what might happen if you tried to type in qwerty on a Dvorak keyboard.
  • The key to this puzzle is in Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" song, lyrics to which are referenced in the MacGuffin Diary. The solution to the puzzle is spelled out in the song, and the success message "put your pom-poms down with a sign of relief" references it, too.
  • The stepping stone puzzle is a reference to a similar trap in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  • "Worst. Spelling bee. Ever." references the catchphrase of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.