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This guide will list some tricks and tips for a Bees Hate You run, as well as an overview of significant "b" items.


The Degrassi Knoll signs (The Mongoose, The Wallaby, or The Vole) are highly recommended, especially in Hardcore. It is impossible to make a bitchin' meatcar in the others, since you can't open a Gnollish toolbox, so the others would have to buy a Desert Bus pass or make a pumpkin carriage.

The choice of astral consumables is mostly unaffected by this path. Choose whatever you would have chosen in no-path.

The choice of astral gear is less clearly defined. Gear with a b in its name will do extra damage to you at the start of every combat, but is otherwise usable in the normal way. Players who will struggle to heal that damage may wish to choose less painful alternative gear. The astral pet sweater will not give extra runaways, because none of the familiars that give runaways are available (currently). The astral belt is still optimal for speed, but the extra Attack and Defense on many standard monsters (and the stun resistance and damage resistance of many of the Bees) means combat is harder than normal, so be prepared.

The classes play similarly to how they normally play. One of the biggest things to watch out for is extra damage taken from equipment, from wandering Bees, and from certain mandatory quest items. This makes healing far more important than you may be accustomed to. Also, many MP restorers are unavailable. Muscle classes and Disco Bandits cannot use Knob Goblin seltzer or black cherry soda, so they must rely on more expensive MP sources or starfishing. Classes that can use magical mystery juice will be able to do so normally.


Restricted Items

Here is a small list of important items that you cannot use, craft, or equip without discretion in a Bees Hate You run. Especially important items are bolded.

Unusable Items



While any piece of equipment with a B can be worn, players should plan to compensate for the HP loss from wearing one or more of these items. The following are equipment that you are likely to run into during your run.

Useful Skills

Some highly recommended skills to have in a Bees Hate You run:

General Tips


Boss Bat Quest

You cannot use a sonar-in-a-biscuit, so you must kill 3 screambats or use a snow shovel.

If you cannot get a snow shovel, then fax a screambat before doing anything in the bat hole to skip 2 zones, and a big headache. Make sure you acknowledge the quest by talking to the council first, or the screambat doesn't count.

Pick up an enchanted bean while looking for the last screambat as you will need one for later.

The King of Cobb's Knob Quest

If you use the Harem method, you will take 40% damage. You'll also have to obtain the perfume effect from adventuring, rather than using the item. If you use the Elite Guard method, you will take 60% damage. Further, the Elite Guard outfit is not very helpful because everything in The Knob Dispensary will be useless to you. Either way, the best way to deal with The Knob Goblin King is to get initiative and then hit him hard or buff your Moxie to where he can't hit you.

Undefile the Cyrpt Quest

Remember that you cannot use the can of Ghuol-B-Gone™, half-rotten brain, rusty bonesaw, so it's a waste of adventure to get these.

Orc Chasm Quest

The smut orc keepsake box contains a B, so you can't use those to speed up the bridge.

A-Boo clues as of February 18, 2013 need to be used to trigger The Horror..., so A-boo Peak will take 49 turns.

You cannot use 12 bubblin' crude to make a jar of oil, so you cannot solve the mystery of Twin Peak. Instead, you must spend 50 turns there and choose to burn the hotel to the ground.
A wandering bee can override the necessary timed adventure, forcing you to spend another 50 turns to encounter it again if this happens. Using a honeypot is highly recommended to avoid this issue.

Giant Trash Quest

To plant the enchanted bean, you must click the coffee ground.

  • Also, you don't need any letters, so you might be able to quit earlier than usual and avoid alpha-beatings.

Quest for the Holy MacGuffin

In The Hidden City, you cannot unlock The Hidden Tavern, since you'd have to use a book of matches. So you may as well knock over the dumpster at your first opportunity.

You can't use a disposable instant camera to acquire a photograph of a dog, so don't bother looking under the nightstand while you're in Spookyraven.

In A Small Pyramid, tomb ratchets can be used in Control Freak, since they are not being used from the inventory. This is a change since the Pyramid update on June 2, 2014.

If survival is an issue, sniffing the Iiti Kitty in the Upper Chamber will reduce the number of Tomb Bats you encounter, and ideally leave you with a supply of ancient Magi-Wipes to make the war less painful.

Mysterious Island Quest

Possibly the hardest quest in a Bees Hate You run.

It is important to remember that you do not have to be in the uniform of either side to adventure in the Orchard, Farm, or Beach areas. You only have to wear the uniform after doing what is necessary to complete the quest, and to get the rewards for doing so. However, you cannot adventure in the Themthar Hills without wearing a uniform.

For choosing sides, doing the Hippy side is highly recommended over the Frat Boy side. Because you can't complete The Junkyard and the Mysterious Island Arena sidequests due to letter "b" in the required combat items, it'll be much faster on the Hippy side. To compare, it takes 67 turns minimum as a Hippy and 132 turns minimum as a Frat Boy to clear The Battlefield. You do take 30% damage per turn as a Hippy compared to the 20% as a Frat Boy, so keep your health up.

For the McMillicancuddy's Farm side-quest, you'll encounter one "b" duck for whatever option you choose for Cornered Again!, so choose according to your taste. You can't use the shortcut for this quest because it requires a chaos butterfly.

Naughty Sorceress Quest

Fighting the wall of skin, you can use the beehive without penalty.

Your Shadow's HP will be boosted if your current title includes one or more instances of the letter "B." Plan ahead if you are a Seal Clubber, a Turtle Tamer at level 13, or a Disco Bandit at level 15+.

Fighting the wall of bones, you can use the electric boning knife without penalty.

The last form of the Naughty Sorceress will be replaced by the guy made of bees. A Wand of Nagamar will not defeat him; however, an antique hand mirror will still do the trick.

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