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What is considered a low-/medium-/high-level zone? In what order do the messages that correspond to wearing Bs in equipment go?
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Bees Hate You is the Summer 2011 special challenge path, introduced on May 17, 2011. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Ever since you were a little kid, bees have hated you. But living well is the best revenge, so you're gonna power through it, and prove that the stings and arrows of every bee in the Kingdom aren't enough to stop a truly dedicated Adventurer."

During a Bees Hate You run, monsters of the unranked taxon Anthophila will attack you regularly, items which contain a certain letter in their name are rendered unusable, and pieces of equipment with the same property are rendered... painful.


  • Items: You cannot use or consume any items with names that contain the letter "b".
    • This extends to such things as housing, disassembled clovers, chefs-in-the-box or bartenders-in-the-box. (Regular ten-leaf clovers are unaffected.)
    • This applies to items used from your inventory through the "inv_use.php" or "multiuse.php" scripts. Items that have a "b" in their name but invoke something different can be used. For example, an ebony wand or marble wand can be used to zap items. It is also possible to throw a brick.
    • You can, however, craft using "b" items normally.
    • Certain quest items are exceptions to this rule (see exceptions below). However, this only applies to necessary items, not optional items such as a bottle of used blood.
    • Use of combat items with a "b" in their name is also completely prohibited.
    • Familiar hatchlings with a "b" in them can, however, be used.
  • Equipment: You are allowed to equip items with the letter "b" in their names, but you will take damage at the beginning of combat amounting to 10% of your max HP per occurrence of the letter "b" (rounded up).
    • Wearing "b" items while encountering a non-combat will not cause you to lose HP.
  • Familiars: You cannot use a familiar that has the letter "b" in its species name (e.g. Obtuse Angel, Blood-Faced Volleyball, Sabre-toothed Lime), nor can you place it into a Crown of Thrones. You also cannot adventure with a Comma Chameleon familiar in the form of a familiar with a "b" in its name.
  • Monsters: Monsters are +20% stronger per "b" in their name. Because it's applied at the start of combat, the bonus is applied after +ML modifiers, and there is no experience bonus due to the increase.
  • Actual friggin' bees: You will encounter a wandering bee enemy in intervals of approximately 15-20 adventures. The monster type is based on the level of the zone (similar to but not exactly matching the Turtle Taming mechanic):
  • Upon breaking the Prism, all restrictions are removed, and you will no longer encounter bee enemies.
  • Holidays:
    • There is no bonus 15 fullness from Feast of Boris although the FoB Special Monsters will appear.

Usable Familiars

  • For a detailed list of usable familiars, please see this page.



You overcome your fear of Bs and use the item, but the Bs take it out on you.
HPYou lose all hit points.
Beatenup.gifYou acquire an effect: Beaten Up
(duration: 3 Adventures)



  • Finishing a Bees Hate You run that began while it was still the current special challenge path – that is, between May 17, 2011, and August 14, 2011 – gives players 100 (in Hardcore) or 50 (in Normal) extra karma points the next time they visit Valhalla. Players that start a Bees Hate You run for the first time, even after it is no longer the current challenge path, will also receive the bonus karma.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold bee statuette upon defeating the Naughty Sorceress.
  • Players may be able to obtain the Buzzkill trophy.
  • The Reconstituted Crow familiar is available at level 11, and may be kept permanently.


  • Attempting to use a non-important item with a B in its name:
You are too scared of Bs to use that item. It'd be one thing if it was, like, important that you use it...
  • Attempting to throw a combat item with a B in its name:
You are too scared of Bs to use that item
  • Attempting to take out a familiar with a B in its name:
You are too afraid of the Bs to adventure with that familiar.
There is no way you are willing to put Bs that close to your head!
  • Attempting to put a familiar with a B in its name in the Buddy Bjorn:
There is no way you are willing to put Bs that close to your back!
  • Placing a hat with a B in its name into the Mad Hatrack works, but causes damage during combat:
The Bs in your familiar's <hat> jump over and sting you in the back.
HPYou lose N hit points.
  • Wearing equipment that contains Bs in their name causes damage, depending on what slot that equipment is in:
The Bs in your <offhand> sting your hand.
The Bs in your <pants> sting you where the sun doesn't shine.
The Bs in your <accessory3> sting you in the part of you that's wearing your <accessory3>.
The Bs in your <weapon> sting your fingers.
The Bs in your <accessory2> sting you in the part of you that's wearing your <accessory2>.
The Bs in your <shirt> sting you on the nipples.
The Bs in your <hat> sting you in the head.
The Bs in your <accessory1> sting you in the part of you that's wearing your <accessory1>.
The Bs in your familiar's <familiar equipment> jump over and sting you in the back.
The Bs in your <back slot> sting you in the back.


  • Prior to the NS Lair Revamp on January 1, 2015, the lair had a few divergences for this path:
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