Beer goggles

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beer goggles
beer goggles

This is a pair of goggles made from two beer lenses.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: accessory
Selling Price: 57 Meat.

They Do Nothing!

(In-game plural: pairs of beer goggles)
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Item number: 444
Description ID: 466168415
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Wad.gif beer lens beer lens
Equals.gif beer goggles



  • The "They Do Nothing!" enchantment is an actual enchantment, and this does indeed smash into one twinkly powder.


  • The concept of "beer goggles" refers to one's tendency to see things differently when drunk, especially in the sense of thinking that other people are more attractive. It also refers to a kind of goggles used by alcohol educators, which use refractive lenses to seriously impair the physical coordination of the wearer.
  • The enchantment is a reference to episode 2F17 of The Simpsons (titled Radioactive Man) where Radioactive Man/Rainier Wolfcastle is hit by a wall of acid and shouts, "My eyes... the goggles do nothing!"


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