Bear Verb Orgy

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Bear Verb Orgy
Bear Verb Orgy

Your vision begins to swim as you approach a peculiar tombstone. It almost looks like it says PRI instead of RIP. Weird.

Leaning against the stone you see some HOT GRAVY UTENSILS. That's... strange. Somebody must have been here recently if the utensils are still hot.

You shake your head. Why did you think there were utensils here? What is actually here is a GIANT RUSTY SHOVEL. That will come in handy for your next task...


You reach out to the egret to give it a hug, but it's so vapid that it doesn't notice your gesture, and it flies off. No, no, no. That is not even a little bit what happens. You shake your head, grab the utensi -- NO! You grab the shovel and DIG UP THE GRAVE.

Six feet down, you unearth AN IFFY TACO NOG MENORAH and think to yourself "I should not drink the taco nog in those candles. It looks really iffy."

Frank says "You okay there, Chief?" and you are startled from your reverie to see an ORNATE MAHOGANY COFFIN.

You pry the coffin open to reveal A MAGNATE'S SNORKEL. You'd think a guy that important could hire somebody to keep better track of his snorkels.

"Keep it together, Boss."

You pry the coffin open to reveal NAGAMAR'S SKELETON, clutching a simple wooden wand. You gingerly grab it, shove it into your sack, and leave this weird gravesite as fast as your feet will carry you.

Wand.gifYou acquire an item: Wand of Nagamar

Occurs at The VERY Unquiet Garves when searching for the Wand of Nagamar.


  • Bear Verb Orgy is an anagram of Grave Robbery.