Bear Hug

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Bear Hug

Bear Hug

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

Source: Wearing a right bear arm and left bear arm
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: In Zombie Slayer, zombifies up to 10 monsters a day. Otherwise, attacks, delevels and heals.
When Used:
The first 10 times per day, as a Zombie Slayer:

You hug <him> with your filthy rotting arms. Green slime oozes from filthy bear forearm pustules and covers <him>. After some twitching and groaning, <he> dutifully joins your horde.


You give <him> a big rib-crackin' hug, which turns into a bone-shatterin' hug and a vital-organ-liquidatin' hug. It does 20-30 damage and leaves <him> in pretty rough shape, but it makes you feel great!

You shout "HUGS NOT DRUGS" and give <him> a big bearhug. It warms your heart, but there's a cracking and a splintering sound, and <he> takes 20-30 damage, staggering away winded.

You throw your arms, and your bear arms, around <him> in a big, cozy bearhug. Well, it's cozy for you, anyway. For <him>, it's a thing that does 20-30 damage and leaves <him> feeling all squozen.

You offer <him> a free hug, but it turns out it's a bone-cracking hug that costs 20-30 damage and leaves <him> shaken up afterward.

You try to hug it out with <him>, but the only thing you hug out of <him> is 20-30 damage and <his> will to live. Still, it makes you feel better, and that's what's important.

HPYou gain 20-30 hit points.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 8-10
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 8-10


  • Only one bear skill may be used each combat.
  • The Zombie version does not work against Boss monsters.
  • Against Group Monsters, the Zombie version provides Horde equal to the size of the group (up to 20), along with a slightly altered message:
    • You hug them with your filthy rotting arms. Green slime oozes from filthy bear forearm pustules and covers them. After some twitching and groaning, all X of them dutifully join your horde.
  • The Zombie version can convert usually-immune phylums to Zombies, such as bugs or constructs.

See Also

Skills and bonuses granted by bear arms
Granted by right bear arm +10% Muscle, Weapon Damage +30%
Kodiak Moment Auto-hitting attack, auto-crits with left bear arm. Zombie: Spooky+Stench damage
Grizzly Scene Damages monster for 50% of their current HP
Granted by left bear arm +10% Muscle, Maximum HP +30, 10 Damage Reduction
Bear-Backrub Restores HP based on level, stuns with right bear arm
Bear-ly Legal Delevels by 20%; gain 50-70 Meat
When wielding both
Bear Hug Attacks, delevels and heals; as a Zombie Master: Insta-zombifies enemy instead (10 times per day)
Applause once per day: 10 turns of The Applause That Refreshes (all stats +10, +3 stats per fight)