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Type: Combat
MP Cost: 15

Sometimes it's important to choose the right bean for the occasion, but sometimes it's better to let the beans themselves decide.

Deals significant damage of multiple elements

Source: Tales of the West: Beanslinging
Price: N/A
Class: Beanslinger
Level: N/A
Effect: Deals two different elemental hits of (20-30)+(0.25*Mys), uncapped
When Used:
You surrender yourself to the primordial forces of beankind, and allow legume chaos to flow forth from you.

Two of:

A sizzling mass of baked beans strikes your foe, dealing X damage.

Your foe is pelted with a frigid hail of Great Northern beans, taking X damage.

A ghostly cloud of half-translucent black beans strikes your foe and strikes fear into your foe's hearts[sic]?, dealing X damage.

A dozen pods of stink beans form and burst near your foe, dealing X damage.

A greasy bolus of pork and beans strikes your foe in the tail, dealing X damage.


  • The first hit's element will correspond to the element with the most bonus elemental spell damage. If there is a tie between at least two elements, two of these elements will randomly used for the first and second hit. Otherwise, the second hit's element will correspond to the element with the second highest bonus, also choosing an element randomly if there is a tie for second highest.