Beanbag chair

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beanbag chair
beanbag chair

This is a beanbag chair. It looks pretty comfortable, in a creepy 70s sort of way.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 48 Meat.

(In-game plural: beanbag chairs)
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Item number: 429
Description ID: 605678154
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Wad.gif filthy knitted dread sack hill of beans
Equals.gif beanbag chair

When Used

You don't have a dwelling to put the beanbag chair in.
  • Used without a beanbag chair in your dwelling:
You install the beanbag chair in your dwelling.
  • Used with a beanbag chair in your dwelling:
You've already got a beanbag chair at your campsite.
Installing this in your dwelling will destroy your <furniture> -- are you sure you want to proceed?
  • After clicking [Yes!]:
You toss your <furniture> aside and install the beanbag chair in your dwelling. The <furniture> is immediately stolen (and subsequently urinated on) by a hobo. Yech.


  • When resting, the beanbag chair will recover an extra 30 MP.
  • A beanbag chair placed in your housing will be destroyed when you change housing.


  • On February 7, 2008, this item changed from a campground item to an inventory item.
  • Before this, using a beanbag chair created a Beanbag Chair at your Campground. When you relaxed at your Campground, you would get double the Base MP gained from resting, but no HP.
  • Players who had a Beanbag Chair in their campgrounds saw the following message upon visiting their campground for the first time after the change:
Due to the needs of our right-wing conspiracy-theorist players, the beanbag chair is no longer a campsite item. You quickly grab yours and stuff it back into your sack before it ceases to exist.
Beanbag.gifYou acquire an item: beanbag chair


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