Beanbag Chair

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Beanbag Chair

A Beanbag Chair was a furnishing located at your Campground. As of February 8th, 2008, it has been changed into a usable item.

When "Used"

You relax in your beanbag chair.
MPYou gain X Mana Points.


  • Formerly obtained by using a beanbag chair.
  • When you relax at your campground, you will get double the Base MP gained from resting.
  • Upon ascension, your Beanbag Chair is lost and must be re-obtained in your next incarnation.
  • As of 2/8/2008, this item is no longer visible at the campground. Players who had a Beanbag Chair in their campgrounds saw the following message upon visiting their campground for the first time after the change:
Due to the needs of our right-wing conspiracy-theorist players, the beanbag chair is no longer a campsite item. You quickly grab yours and stuff it back into your sack before it ceases to exist.
Beanbag.gifYou acquire an item: beanbag chair

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