Beach Combo

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Beach Combo

Beach Combo

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

Your Beach Comb is capable of Combing more than just the Beach. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Source: Beach Comb
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Attacks thrice; twice with physical damage, and once with elemental damage, based on ????.
When Used:
You jab your foe in the <monster part> with your comb, then scrape it across its <monster part>,[sic] splash it with freezing seawater. In all, it deals X (+Y) (+Z) damage.

then fling some rotten seaweed at it for good measure. In all, it deals X (+Y) (+Z) damage.

then dig up a slimy crab and drop it down its shirt. In all, it deals X (+Y) (+Z) damage.


  • Can be used once per fight. (This was changed from being infinitely usable in a silent update after release.)
  • Preliminary spading has damage for X, Y, and Z at 15%-20% of your unbuffed mainstat, each.