Be Mine

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Be Mine
Be Mine

You head into the mine, and are almost immediately shrouded in complete darkness. Making your way by feel, because all you can hear is the pounding of your heart and all you can smell is the wafting of your own fear, you reach a point where the tunnel splits three ways.

I guess four ways, if you count "back the way you came" as a way.

Go left

You head down the left tunnel, and find a vein of metal so shiny that you can tell it's shiny even in the complete darkness of the mine. You forgot to bring any low-light mining gear with you, so you just grab the biggest chunk you can pry loose with your bare hands.

Blackgold.gifYou acquire an item: black gold

Go right

You head down the right tunnel, which gets more and more cramped until you're forced to crawl, which you do until you stop because you find yourself elbow-deep in a underground stream. The stream is made not of water but of some sort of thick liquid (or thiquid, as you call it.) You feel around for a coffee cup so you can grab some of the liquid and take it with you.

You find that if you assume that you can always find a coffee cup no matter where you look, the world often goes out of its way to prove you right. It's a weird world in that way.

Coffeecup.gifYou acquire an item: Texas tea

Go down

You take the tunnel all the way down, which isn't saying much, because it only goes down about four feet. Unfortunately, the bottom two of those feet were filled with some sort of fine powder, and now the bottom two feet of each of your lungs are, too.

Lung.gifYou acquire an effect: Black Lung
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Never mine. I mean mind.

What's yours is yours, and what's this mine's is this mine's, so you decide to leave it to it.

Leads to All Over the Map.

Occurs at The Black Forest via All Over the Map.