Battlie Light Saver

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Battlie Light Saver
Battlie Light Saver

This is a portable device that Duke Starkiller used in the Galaxy Battles. It saves up light, compresses it, and allows you to hurl a bolt of it at someone.

The original design was a sword made out of light, but c'mon. How would the blade know where to stop?

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 55 Meat.

Deals 30-50 Physical Damage and briefly stuns your foe

(In-game plural: Battlie Light Savers)
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Obtained From

A-boo Peak
Battlie Knight Ghost

When Used

You hurl the Light Saver at it. The device opens and blasts your opponent for 30-50 damage. It is too dazed from the burst of light to attack this round.



  • "How would the blade know where to stop?" is a reference to a scene in the animated series Clerks.


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