Batskin belt

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batskin belt
batskin belt

This is a belt made out of the skin of one of the Boss Bat's underlings. You hope. The alternative is that the Boss Bat was wearing a belt made out of his own skin, which is super gross.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +3

(In-game plural: batskin belts)
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Item number: 191
Description ID: 606865770
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Obtained From

The Boss Bat's Lair
Boss Bat (one time drop)
Boss Bat? (Actually Ed the Undying, one time drop)
Jerry Bradford (Pocket Familiars, one time drop)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Boss Bat Quest


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  • Prior to a trivial update on August 14, 2014, this item was slightly different:
    • The description was:
      This is the belt given to you by the council after slaying the Boss Bat.

      It doesn't even have a buckle. What a bunch of cheapskates.
    • It was a miscellaneous quest item, and as such, did not have an enchantment.
    • Had an item ID of 192. Anyone who had the item ID 191 (Boss Bat bandana) (probably) had it converted to the belt when this change occurred. Anyone who had the old belt now has an old batskin belt instead, which is now useless due to the recipe being removed.


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