Bathtub Jimmy's Gin Mill

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Bathtub Jimmy's Gin Mill
Bathtub Jimmy's Gin Mill

You step up to a small stall, and the guy behind the counter puts down the glass he's polishing. "Something to drink? I've got gin."

"You make it yourself?" you ask.

He nods. "That's right. I make it in my own bathtub. See how clean I am? That's how you know the gin's clean, too."

He does seem pretty clean, but you aren't entirely sure about his logic.

Buy some gin (20 hobo nickels)

If you don't have 20 hobo nickels:

You don't have 20 hobo nickels, so you can't afford a drink.

If you have at least 20 nickels:

The gin fumes flush out your sinuses, and the gin itself flushes out your entire nervous system. After your recovery, you feel pretty good.

AdventuresYou gain 40-60 Adventures.
You gain 500-1000 Cheek.
You gain (5 Drunkenness).


You decide to stick with name-brand gin, and ask the guy for directions out of the marketplace instead.

Occurs as a choice in the sub-adventure Booze, Glorious Booze in The Hobo Marketplace at Hobopolis Town Square.


  • You may consume a drink at only one of Bathtub Jimmy's Gin Mill, Mad Jack's Corn Squeezery, and Arthur Finn's World-Record Homebrew Stout per instance of the dungeon.
  • Ode to Booze does not affect adventure gains from booze consumed here.
  • You may consume a drink even if you are in Teetotaler, without affecting your path. (This is probably a bug.)