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Batfellow comic
Batfellow comic

This comic series tells gritty tales of the crime-fighting prowess of Batfellow. He is considered to be the world's greatest detective even though most of his "detective work" consists of punching and strangling and terrifying people until they reveal what they know.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

Lets you have have a fun adventure as a dark, brooding, bat-themed superhero.

(In-game plural: Batfellow comics)
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Item number: 8795
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Uncle Buck)

When Used

Leads to Batfellow Begins choice encounter.


  • Completing 20 Batfellow comics grants the player one free special edition Batfellow comic each week, delivered via an in-game message on Mondays at 4 AM, Arizona time.
  • Until a trivial update on February 22, 2016, could not be used in Avatar paths. Gave the following message:
You can't read this comic book while you're on an Avatar path. Sorry. Stupid complicated game.


  • There is a leaderboard showcasing performances in the comic mini-game: 7-day rolling listings of Defeaters of 1 to 9 Villains (based on the highest total percentage exploration in each of the villains' areas divided by 9), and a daily listing for most time remaining after completing a run (Today's Jokester-Defeaters).
  • The rewards for Today's Top Performers (Does not require Jokester to be defeated):
    • replica bat-oomerang The top eleven performers (evaluated at rollover) win a replica bat-oomerang. (untradable)
    • battoo kit Of these, the top performer who has never claimed the prize before wins a battoo kit. (untradable)
  • A consumable reward, depending on which villain was defeated first:
Villain Reward Type Quality Size Effect
1 Kudzu Salad.gif Kudzu salad food EPIC 2
Mansquito Syringe.gif Mansquito Serum spleen awesome 1 400 turns of More Mansquito Than Man
Miss Graves Wine2.gif Miss Graves' vermouth booze EPIC 2
2 The Plumber Soupbowl.gif The Plumber's mushroom stew food EPIC 3 removes 1 drunkenness
The Author Inkwell.gif The Author's ink spleen awesome 1 200 turns of It's a Good Life!
The Mad Libber Blackrum.gif The Mad Liquor booze EPIC 3 removes 1 fullness
3 Doc Clock Plasticcup.gif Doc Clock's thyme cocktail booze EPIC 4 removes 2 fullness
Mr. Burns Hamburger.gif Mr. Burnsger food EPIC 4 removes 2 drunkenness
The Inquisitor Confused.gif The Inquisitor's unidentifiable object spleen EPIC 1 100 turns of The Inquisitor's Unknown Effect
  • If in-run, the consumable reward will be placed in Hagnk's.
  • If no villains were defeated, the Batfellow comic will be returned (limit 3/day).


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