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Needs strategy for upgrades, finishing in time.

Using a Batfellow comic or special edition Batfellow comic allows you to adventure as Batfellow. When doing so:

Your left sidebar is replaced with a display of new stats:

You're Batfellow
(tell your friends)
batman.gif Hp1.gif 30 / 30
Watch.gif 10 h. 0 m.
Dollarsign.gif (3+X) bn. (X = num times played the game, up to 11 bn. total)
Krakfist.gif 5 Oldboot.gif 5

Current Bat-Tasks:

Learn the Jokester's access code:


General Information


You start with 10 hours before Gotpork explodes.

  • Traveling between areas takes 10 minutes by default (can be reduced with the Rocket Booster or Really Long Winch upgrades).
  • Encounters take 5 minutes (can be reduced with Surveillance Network upgrade)



Batfellow uses a new, simplified version of combat on his adventure. You start with Bat-Punch and Bat-Kick abilities and can acquire others over the course of the game.


Bat Suit Upgrades

  • Hardened Knuckles - Doubles the damage of Bat-Punches (After any upgrades from turning in orphans at the orphanage)
  • Steel-Toed Bat-Boots - Doubles the damage of Bat-Kicks (After any upgrades from turning in orphans at the orphanage)
  • Extra-Swishy Cloak - Lets you strike first in combats
  • Pec-Guards - Reduces the damage you take from melee attacks (3 Bat-Armor)
  • Kevlar Undergarments - Reduces the damage you take from gunshots (3 Bat-Bulletproofing)
  • Improved Cowl Optics - Lets you find more items and hidden things
  • Asbestos Lining - Provides resistance to Hot damage (50% Bat-Heat Protection)
  • Utility Belt - First Aid Kit Contains bandages (in theory)

Bat-Sedan Upgrades

  • Rocket Booster - Reduce travel time by 5 minutes (base travel time is 10 min)
  • Glove Compartment First-Aid Kit - Restore your health on the go! (Allows full healing from the Bat-Sedan screen [takes 5 min])
  • Street Sweeper - Gather evidence as you drive around
  • Advanced Air Filter - Gather dangerous chemicals as you drive around
  • Orphan Scoop - Rescue loose orphans as you drive around
  • Spotlight - Helps you find your way through villains' lairs
  • Bat-Freshener - Provides resistance to Stench damage
  • Loose Bearings - Bearings will periodically fall out of the car.

Bat-Cavern Upgrades

  • Really Long Winch - Traveling to the Bat-Cavern is instantaneous
  • Improved 3-D Bat-Printer - Reduce materials cost in the Bat-Fabricator (reduce cost of below items from 3 to 2 of the relevant drop)
  • Transfusion Satellite - Remotely restore some of your HP after fights (restores 5 HP per fight)
  • Surveillance Network - Fights take 1 minute less
  • Blueprints Database - Make faster progress through villain lairs (+1%(?) per kill)
  • Snugglybear Nightlight - Provides resistance to Spooky damage
  • Glue Factory - An automated mail-order glue factory


After combat, you can get the following results:


You photosynthesize a little bit.
HPYou gain X hit points.
(X = current level of Bat Regeneration)

Loose Bearings

Every 3 combats:
Your hear the Bat-Sedan drop another ball bearing. Coincidentally, it rolls right up to where you're standing.
Bearing.gifYou acquire an item: bat-bearing

Utility Belt

Every 3 combats:
You find another bandage in your utility belt's first aid kit.
Bandaid.gifYou acquire an item: Bat-Aid™ bandage

Glue Factory

Every 3 combats:
A delivery person shows up with your dividends from the DwayneCo Glue Factory.
Glueglob.gifYou acquire an item: glob of Bat-Glue