Batfellow Ends (Explosion)

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"Oh No!" is for zero bosses killed. We need the text for the other nine outcomes. (1 - 9)

Batfellow Ends
Batfellow Ends

Gotpork City explodes! You failed! Your parents would be ashamed of you, but now there's not even enough left of their decaying bones to express disappointment.

Oh no!
  • With no bosses killed:

That issue was pretty disappointing. Batfellow didn't even defeat a single villain! You write a letter to the publisher to complain, and they send you back a free comic! Hooray!

Batfellowbook.gifYou acquire an item: Batfellow comic
or, if you were reading the special edition
Batfellowbook.gifYou acquire an item: special edition Batfellow comic
  • If this is the third time you've done this today:

(the publisher includes a note informing you that you can't get any more free issues today after this one. It seems they think you're abusing their good will...)

  • With at least one boss killed (reward according to first boss killed):
Salad.gifYou acquire an item: Kudzu salad
Syringe.gifYou acquire an item: Mansquito Serum
Wine2.gifYou acquire an item: Miss Graves' vermouth
Soupbowl.gifYou acquire an item: The Plumber's mushroom stew
Inkwell.gifYou acquire an item: The Author's ink
Blackrum.gifYou acquire an item: The Mad Liquor
Plasticcup.gifYou acquire an item: Doc Clock's thyme cocktail
Hamburger.gifYou acquire an item: Mr. Burnsger
Confused.gifYou acquire an item: The Inquisitor's unidentifiable object

In future Batfellow comics, DwayneCo will start with an additional 1 billion dollars. This amount caps out at 11 billion.

  • Occurs by running out of time in Gotpork.
  • If you used a