Basic hot dog

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basic hot dog
basic hot dog

This is your ordinary, run-of-the-mill hot dog. Except that you don't think hot dogs are made in a mill. Okay, it's your ordinary, garden-variety hot dog.
Wait, that doesn't work either.
This is a hot dog. There. I described it.

Type: food (crappy)
Size: 1

(In-game plural not known - currently impossible to determine.)
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Item number: -92
Description ID: -92_food
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Obtained From

VIP Lounge
Hot Dog Stand

When Consumed

When under your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You eat the hot dog. It's good, because all hot dogs are good, but it's not amazing, because not all hot dogs are amazing.
AdventuresYou gain 1 Adventure.
(You gain 1 Fullness.)

First hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You massage your esophagus, stretch out your neck as far as it will go, and swallow another hot dog even though you're full.
You lose 1 Strongness.
You lose 1 Mysteriousness.
You lose 1 Smarm.

Second hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You remember that you have an extra loop of large intestine that you keep in reserve for emergencies, and manage to clear a hot-dog-shaped space in your stomach for your second extra one.
You lose 2 Muscleboundness.
You lose 2 Mysteriousness.
You lose 2 Cheek.

Third hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You let out your gut, psych yourself up, and cram a third extra hot dog down your gullet. It lands sideways in the last bit of space at the very top of your stomach, almost emptying out the whole works.
You lose 4 Fortitude.
You lose 4 Magicalness.
You lose 4 Sarcasm.

Fourth hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
If you think about it, lungs are basically the same as stomachs, right? They're all little gooey pouches inside your body, right? You cram a fourth extra hot dog into your left lung. You sweat and feel short of breath, but it stays down.
You lose 8 Strongness.
You lose 8 Magicalness.
You lose 8 Roguishness.

Fifth hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You drop a fifth extra hot dog into your right lung. Now it's getting really hard to breathe--and not just because your lungs are full of processed animal protein.
You lose 16 Strongness.
You lose 16 Mysteriousness.
You lose 16 Cheek.

Sixth hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You drop your diaphragm, belch heavily, and find you can just squeeze a sixth extra hot dog into your throat. I mean, you can see the end of it still if you open your mouth in front of a mirror, but technically it counts.
You lose 32 Fortitude.
You lose 32 Magicalness.
You lose 32 Cheek.

Seventh hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You wipe sweat off your brow, rub your distended belly, and stare down the seventh extra hot dog. You cram it down your throat, compressing the three hot dogs you ate before it so it just barely fits.
You lose 64 Muscleboundness.
You lose 64 Magicalness.
You lose 64 Sarcasm.

Eighth hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You wipe your sweaty brow, then sniff your palms. My god, even your sweat is starting to smell like hot dogs. You pick up the eighth one, break it in half, and send one half to each of your lungs, where hopefully it'll get absorbed. That's a thing that would happen, right?
You lose 128 Muscleboundness.
You lose 128 Mysteriousness.
You lose 128 Smarm.

Ninth hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
All the salt in the hot dogs is making you bloated. Your fingers look like individual hot dogs themselves, all the creases filled in. You can barely grip the ninth extra hot dog, and you have no idea where in your body you'll put it. Still, you shove it down your throat, smushing all the other hot dogs backed up in there, feeling like the world's least fortunate sword swallower.
You lose 256 Strengthliness.
You lose 256 Enchantedness.
You lose 256 Smarm.

Tenth hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
You lean back in your chair, stomach distended, intestines aching, your esophagus swollen as it tries to move some traffic down to your guts. Your vision blurry, you grab a tenth extra hot dog. You're starting to get sores in your mouth from all the salt, so you barely chew it; you just will yourself to get the thing far enough down your throat that it counts for the competition.
You lose 512 Muscleboundness.
You lose 512 Wizardliness.
You lose 512 Chutzpah.

Eleventh hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness

Jarl regdog.gif
If someone took an X-ray of your body right now, it'd look like there was a smaller you inside of you, and that smaller you would be made entirely out of hot dogs. That mental image reminds you that you have an entire sinus cavity to fill, though, so you snort the eleventh hot dog.
You lose 1024 Beefiness.
You lose 1024 Wizardliness.
You lose 1024 Sarcasm.

nth hotdog after hitting your maximum fullness (beyond the eleventh)

Jarl regdog.gif
You cram another hot dog up your nose, past your sinus cavities, and into the space between your brain hemispheres. It works, but now all you can think about is hot dogs.

You almost quit eating hot dogs, but then you think of all the starving kids in distant lands, and that makes you hungry enough to cram another one down your aching esophagus.


You've had so many hot dogs that you're starting to sweat relish, and you're not relishing the sweat. You chew another one up and will it into the bottom of your left ventricle.


You remember that you have a hollow leg--then remember that you've filled it almost completely with hot dogs. You manage to squeeze one more into your calf cavity.


You atomize a hot dog and inhale the meaty mist, groaning a little as your digestive system struggles with the load.


You remove one of your kidneys, put it on ice, and cram a hot dog into the cavity you just created.


You grind a hot dog into paste, make a poultice of it, and cram it into an unhealed wound. Gross, but it technically counts.


Did you know that some of the veins in your body are big enough around that a hot dog will fit in there? Sadly, now you do.


You grab another hot dog, free your mind, concentrate, and will it to pass through your esophagus and into any cavity in your body it will fit. It seems like most of it ends up behind your left eye.


You manage to lodge another hot dog right behind your sternum. This -- this really isn't fun anymore.


You notice you have a cavity in your rear molar, and fill it with a finely-chewed additional hot dog.


You disregard the stretch marks popping up on your belly and cram another hot dog down your gullet. You're about 12 months pregnant with a food baby now.


You grind a hot dog through the pores in your armpit. Technically, that counts as eating it for this contest's rules.

You lose 2n-1 Muscleboundness.
You lose 2n-1 Mysteriousness.
You lose 2n-1 Sarcasm.

If consuming a hot dog would reduce any one of your stats below 0 substat

Jarl regdog.gif
You don't feel up to eating that.


  • Consumed immediately upon purchase.
  • This is the only hot dog that requires no ingredients to eat, and unlike the other "fancy" hot dogs, can be eaten multiple times per day.
  • Stat loss from overeating resets upon rollover and ascension. Should you free up more room to eat for adventures (e.g. spice melange), your stat loss will still escalate from the last overeaten dog of that day once you consume another basic hot dog past your consumption limit.