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Bashy (#91072) is one of the most well-known, unique and controversial players in the Kingdom of Loathing. Though currently rather inactive, he achieved numerous ground-breaking gameplay milestones while also gathering enormous popularity for his character and sense of humor.


Bashy is distinct from all other players in the Kingdom of Loathing for his unique personality and background. To this day, it is unclear to what extent, if any, Bashy is role-playing, which would make him the first player to successfully attempt this in the early days of the Kingdom.

Bashy claims to be from Prussia, and is a male of indeterminate age, with possible dwarfism. He currently resides somewhere in the United States, to which he moved to around 2009. English is apparently difficult for Bashy, as he tends to write with incorrect and humorous grammar and phrasing. Whether or not this is deliberate is one of many controversies. His forum posts, stories and drawings are also known for their comedic and literary style.

Bashy's contrived English has been referenced in two places in the game, and, unlike most players, his account reads "Bashy am proud bearer of Mr. Accessory" when one is equipped.

In his self-introduction to the game in mid 2004, we see a good example of this style, (as taken from the forums):

"At last me introduce myself, Bashy!

Bashy nice guy but fetuses fear me.
Until last year Bashy call Prussia home.
Now Bashy live where Americans roam.
Bashy still learning vocabulary,
Be kind and no send constabulary!
Bashy may never learn proper grammar,
But mastered art of fetus and hammer!
If ever a fetus make you feel blue...

Just remember, you know Bashy love you!"

As referenced above, Bashy has a vehement hatred of fetuses, for which he is on a life-long quest of murder. This hatred apparently stems from the killing of Bashy's brother by an umbilical-cord strangling fetus, a message from God, and the pillaging of Bashy's home village by a swathe of fetuses. How this was accomplished is unknown, but "Bashy hate fetus, but love you" is a huge component of what makes Bashy himself.

This strange, humorous and controversial character rapidly garnered a degree of fame on the forums and within the game, and a following which has existed, to varying degrees, for years.

Gaming Accomplishments

In addition to being a fixture of the Kingdom of Loathing community, Bashy proved to be a skilled player. His accomplishments began in October 2004, when, immediately after Black Sunday, he began selling thousands of Hell ramen in his shop for 10 meat. He continued selling hugely-discounted ramen for many months, thus building his reputation as a philanthropist.

He was soon awarded one of the first-ever custom items, the Fetus-smashing club.

Also in late 2004, Bashy was handed leadership of well-established clan "The Philanthropists," and promptly took it over with an iron-fist: which was subsequently downgraded to a wooden foot, and finally to a piece of string. After rapid restructuring and repopulation, the new clan Noblesse Oblige was created. Noblesse Oblige still exists to this day, and has since been one of the most successful, popular and achieved clans in the game.

After ascension was implemented in 2005, Bashy began showing prowess, quickly topping the speed ascension leaderboards and setting new records. He was also the first to switch to the hovering sombrero familiar for speed ascension, having developed an entirely new strategy based on it called LTSynergy, a term which he coined. He revealed the strategy, which allows the player to easily defeat high-level monsters quickly and while gaining optimal stats, in full, on the forums.

Somewhere around this time, Bashy was chosen to be a member of the the Dev Team, where he advised the Kingdom's creators on all things Loathing. He was retired from the team as of early 2007, but is believed to have championed such things as more monster-level increasers and an additive, not prohibitive, style of resolving gameplay imbalances.

On February 21, 2006, Bashy, Almighty Tallest, wgitc, wilder, and Mr Bill formed Team O-DAMN (One-Day Ascension Mapping and Nitpicking) to attempt a one-day ascension. Bashy was the last team member to attempt a one-day ascension, but lost to the Naughty Sorceress on his last adventure. Though Bashy and the other teammates were not able to ascend, the attempts proved it well within the realm of possibility. Later, Bashy organized a similar team to accomplish the first 3-day hardcore ascension, called 3D-HAMS.

On the morning of April 10, 2006, Mr Bill completed the first single-day ascension, in 300 adventures. That afternoon, just hours later, Bashy completed the second-ever one-day ascension, in 289 adventures.

On June 28, 2007, Bashy completed the first non-casual ascension since the implementation of NS13, a full day earlier than any other player.

Though no longer top of the lifetime statistics boards, he held the top position in all categories for a period of nearly two years. He is currently mostly retired from gameplay but still runs the clan's buffbot.



Due to his immaculate spelling and the nuanced, complex humor displayed in his writings, many people believe Bashy actually has full mastery of the English language, and is simply putting on an act. Others, however, find no humor in his writings and simply find him stupid and confusing.

It has been noted that Bashy's claimed native land of Prussia has not formally existed for well over 60 years and that, accordingly, he may well be from somewhere else. However, "Prussia" may simply be a reference to an area of modern-day Poland.

Near the start of his career, Bashy named his mall store "Bashy's House of Fetus Murder" and kept it on or near the top of the mall advertising page. This started controversy over what things are appropriate to display in the game, and discussions arose about abortion and what comprises legitimate "humor".

Bashy may, in fact, not be a dwarf. It is believed he took a real-life trip to Croatia, and a few released pictures depict legs of arguably normal length. He may also not really have a donkey as his sole means of transportation, given there is no land bridge from America to Europe.


Bashy certainly played a part in, and may be most responsible for, Black Sunday. While a large handful of players gained infinite meat on that day, Bashy sent billions to hundreds of players, and even posted a short guide to how to accomplish the exploit in open chat. Bashy claimed in those k-mails and later forum posts that his goal was to force the administration to "roll back" the game to an earlier date before the bug to avoid the economic collapse of the game. He claims he felt that the exploit had been abused largely behind closed doors, but to a degree that effectively ruined the game, and therefore sought to get everything out in the open. Some people believe that this is a lie, that Bashy's actual goal was simply to wreak havoc in general, and that his actions caused more damage than they sought to fix.

Some people believe that Bashy's 10-meat Hell ramen sales were largely from a cache that was duped and hoarded shortly after the events of Black Sunday. Bashy confirms that the ramen was duped, but says he found it in the mall after it was effectively wiped clear of all stocks, and began giving it away in an effort to get the immensely popular food back into ready circulation.

While a member of the Dev Team, many players accused Bashy of abusing "Dev controls" and advance knowledge to accomplish his gameplay feats, claiming that Bashy and other Dev-team members should be exempt from the leaderboards. It's still controversial as to what meaningful advantage, if any, Dev Team membership is. It's clear, however, that Bashy accomplished several gameplay milestones even after no longer being on the Dev Team. Bashy has always maintained that there is no meaningful advantage.

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