Bartender-in-the-box (Campground)

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Are there new drop-rates for original bartender-in-the-box parts?

A Bartender-in-the-box is a furnishing located in your Kitchen at your Campground.


  • Obtained by using a bartender-in-the-box.
  • A Bartender-in-the-box performs cocktailcrafting with fancy cocktailcrafting ingredients for you, without costing Adventures. It'll last around 80 to 100 mixes before exploding in a mess of parts and Booze, with the message: "Smoke begins to pour from the head of your bartender-in-the-box. It begins to vibrate noisily, spits out a few drinks at random, and then explodes." This will happen even in the middle of mixing multiple drinks. The remaining amount of drinks will remain unmixed.
  • The Clockwork Bartender-in-the-box does the same thing, but lasts longer and gives the message "Smoke begins to pour from the head of your clockwork bartender-in-the-box. It begins to vibrate noisily, spits out several drinks at random, and then explodes." when it explodes.
  • You will receive some warning messages before this actually happens:
    • "The lid of your bartender-in-the-box suddenly pops open, and then closes again. Curious."
    • "You hear a strange chattering noise emanating from the innards of your bartender-in-the-box."
    • "You hear an unhealthy-sounding clicking noise coming from inside your bartender-in-the-box."
    • "Your bartender-in-the-box begins to vibrate, then stops with a clanking sound."
  • The rattling message will start to appear once a certain level of wear is present. It will occur whether or not you're cocktailcrafting with fancy ingredients and does not indicate that any extra wear is being added.
  • Upon ascension, your Bartender-in-the-box is lost and must be re-obtained in your next incarnation.
  • You obtain 3-4 drinks when your bartender explodes:
  • At rollover, a bartender at your campground grants an extra 15 HP and MP to any restoration from your housing.

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