Baron von Ratsworth

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Baron von Ratsworth
Monster ID 286
Locations Tavern Cellar: If it's Tiny, is it Still a Mansion?
Hit Points Scales with player stats
Attack Scales with player stats
Defense Scales with player stats
Initiative 80
Meat None
Phylum beast
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, tail, torso
Baron von Ratsworth's monocle or Baron von Ratsworth's money clip or Baron von Ratsworth's tophat
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Baron von Ratsworth You're fighting Baron von Ratsworth

You knock on the door, and after a few moments a sophisticated-looking rat in a tophat and monocle answers it.

"I say," he says, "but the rudeness of Adventurers these days is a development I simply cannot abide. Can't a member of the upper classes enjoy a spot of afternoon tea without being harrassed by fortune-hunters? It will not stand."

He tosses his teacup to the ground and advances on you with malice gleaming in one eye, and slightly larger malice gleaming in the eye with the monocle on it.

Hit Message(s):

He flings his monocle like a shuriken and hits you in the <skull>. Then he retrieves it via the attached chain. Oof! Eek!

He gives you a nasty papercut with something he clipped out of the New Yorker. Ouch! Ooh!

He slings his tophat like a frisbee (or a hubcap,) and takes a chunk out of your <knee>. Ugh! Ouch!

Critical Hit Message:

He beats you senseless, but in a very dapper way. Ouch! Ooh! Ouch!

Miss Message(s):

He tries to garotte you with his monocle chain, but you gavotte out of the way.

He tries to gouge out your eyes with his cufflinks, but he misses.

He lunges at you, but trips on his own coattails and falls on his face

Fumble Message:

He takes a short break for a cup of tea. Rudely, he doesn't offer you any. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Monocle.gifYou acquire an item: Baron von Ratsworth's monocle (100% chance)*
Moneyclip.gifYou acquire an item: Baron von Ratsworth's money clip (100% chance)*
Tophat.gifYou acquire an item: Baron von Ratsworth's tophat (100% chance)*
You gain X <substat>.

Occurs at the Tavern Cellar.


 atk = moxie  + (3 + #ascensions, max 13)
 def = muscle + (3 + #ascensions, max 13)
 maxhp = floor(player's maxhp * 1.25)
  • Once you have defeated the Baron, this adventure will no longer occur (becomes a one-time adventure).
  • There exists a stuffed version of this monster.
  • This monster cannot be copied.


  • Use Combat Items.
  • Use damage familiars, the more damage the better. A Disembodied Hand or Dodecapede makes it particularly easy. The Penguin Goodfella, Misshapen Animal Skeleton or Ghost Pickle on a Stick are good alternatives.
  • Use an 8+ lb familiar that frequently delevels opponents -- Ghost Pickle on a Stick or Misshapen Animal Skeleton. Buy about five to eight Doc Galaktik's Restorative Balms; use them every turn to heal the damage you take until the Baron is sufficiently deleveled so that he can't hit you.
  • Carry elixirs or other healing into battle, just in case, even without the above strategy.
  • Being beaten up lowers your Moxie, which reduces the damage he does to you.
  • Use a wussiness potion or two to drop his level and make him much easier to hit. A less effective alternative is to use the Knob Goblin stink bomb.
  • A heavy barrrnacle familiar may delevel him enough at the start of combat to keep him from hitting you.
  • Mysticality classes can easily kill him with a kickback cookbook equipped, and using one spell. This only works while you still have low HP.
  • LTS or TS will give you a bonus to hit, which should be enough for you to hit him. They also increase your damage.
  • Kneebutt will give you a bonus to hit, which should be enough for you to hit him (perhaps not if you're level 3-4). It also stuns him half the time.
  • Shieldbutt is an auto-hit skill.
  • Clobber and Toss do moderate damage, very cheaply. For Clobber, use a high-damage weapon and pile on damage bonuses. For Toss, use a heavy familiar.
  • With the advent of Semi-Rare Adventures, many more damage modifiers have been added. It is feasible for even Bad Moon players to adventure for a powerful +50 elemental damage to use against the Baron.
  • With the new revamp Ragamuffin Imps are quite effective, as long as too many people don't use them at once.


  • The top hat attack refers to a James Bond villain, Oddjob, who used his bowler hat in a similar fashion.
  • The The New Yorker clipping is mentioned because that publication's mascot (Eustace Tilley) has a monocle and a top hat.
  • The boss tossing his cup of tea on the ground may be a reference to the fight against Dracula in the Castlevania games, where the main character walks in on Dracula sipping a chalice of wine, which he smashes on the ground upon starting the fight.
  • Another possible reference could be to Ratigan, from the Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective, who wore a coat and cape, and a top hat.