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banana peel
banana peel

Ah, the humble banana peel, bane of vaudeville comics everywhere.

Is there some inherent property in a banana peel that makes it slipperier than other fruits? Or would an orange peel, discarded on the ground, be equally dangerous, but -- as oranges are less intrinsically comical than bananas -- less humorous?

Obviously some serious scientific investigation is warranted.

Type: combat item


(In-game plural: banana peels)
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Item number: 2374
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Obtained From

The Jungles of Ancient Loathing
jungle baboon

When Used

You toss the banana peel on the ground in front of your opponent, who comically trips on it. Ha! Ha ha!


  • Stuns your opponent for 3 rounds.
  • No message will be displayed while in effect except for the last round, which displays the message:
Your opponent gets back up.
  • Discarding (not using in combat) causes the adventure Schadenfreude on the third to sixth turns after being discarded. (Smashing multiple barrels at the Barrel full of Barrels will count as one turn. Mimics will count as a separate turn.)
  • Can be used to obtain the Slapstick trophy.

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