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This is a ball attached to a string, which is attached to a cup. You throw the ball, let it swing on the string, and catch it in the cup. If you fail to catch the ball in the cup, just swing it again! It requires no batteries! Play alone and with your friends! And clean-up's as easy as catching a ball in a cup!

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be discarded

+2 Mysticality Stat(s) Per Fight

(In-game plural: balls-in-cups)
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Item number: 3093
Description ID: 965687443
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Obtained From

old-fashioned Crimbo Pressie

When Used

  • Once per day:
You catch the ball in the cup. Then you catch the ball in the cup again. You use the stultifying boredom that ensues to contemplate the mystic underpinnings of the universe.
You gain 15-25 Wizardliness.
  • Subsequent uses in a day:
You've pretty much exhausted the entertainment potential of that thing for today.


  • The description is a reference to a running joke on Family Guy.

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