Baleful Howl

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Baleful Howl

Baleful Howl

Type: Combat
HP Cost: 30

When you hear the howl of the Vampyre, your chief concern is getting far enough away that you never hear it again.

(X uses left today)

Banish a foe for the rest of the day

Source: Torpor
Price: 30 HP
Class: Vampyre
Level: N/A
Effect: Run Away for no adventure cost and banishes the monster until rollover.
When Used:
You let loose a keening howl. Your opponent, spooked by its balefulness, flee into the hills.


  • Can be used only 10 times per day.
  • Banishment continues even if the skill is dropped or if you break the prism.
  • Only one monster can be banished at a time with this skill. Banishing a new monster will cause the old monster to return.