Bag of grain

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bag of grain
bag of grain

You've been given this single-serving bag of unmilled grain as thanks for helping out with hunger relief efforts. All the carbs and gluten has been removed from it, which means it's definitely GMO. You wonder if the people running the service were aware of that.

It looks like a real pain in the neck to eat -- literally. Also it's so dry and dusty, just looking at it makes you thirsty.

Type: potion
Effect: Nearly All-Natural (1 Adventure)Mysticality +200%
+60% Booze Drops from Monsters

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: bags of grain)
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Item number: 8546
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Obtained From

Community Service
Feed The Children (But Not Too Much) for The World Hunger and Obesity Prevention Foundation

When Used

Not knowing what else to do with it, you just dump the grain in your mouth. You're pretty sure some of it is just pebbles.
Knobsack.gifYou acquire an effect: Nearly All-Natural
(duration: 1 Adventure)


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