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This is a list of foods and drinks available in Bad Moon. It is used to identify Bad Moon availability in the automatic generation of the Best Foods and Best Drinks tables.

Things listed should be one-per-line (as you see it when editing it); case is not significant. Please maintain alphabetic order for easy editing by humans. Note that edits here will not be reflected immediately, but will be incorporated the next time the tables are regenerated.

Stuff above the line below is ignored in parsing (as is stuff below the second hard-return line).

3vi1 pr0n m4nic0tti A little sump'm sump'm Abominable snowcone Acceptable bagel Accidental cider Actual tapas Agnolotti arboli Amok pudding An evil little sump'm sump'm Ancient frozen dinner Ancient unspeakable fruitcake Antique packet of ketchup Around the world Artisanal limoncello Asparagus lo mein Asparagus stir-fry Backwoods screwdriver Balaclava baklava Ballroom blintz Bash-Ōs cereal Bat haggis Bat wing chow mein Bat wing kabob Bat wing stir-fry Bean burrito Beer basted brat Beertini Bilge wine Black & tan Black forest cake Black forest ham Black pudding Blackberry Blackfly Chardonnay Blended frozen swill Bloody beer Bloody mary Boilermaker Booze-soaked cherry Boring spaghetti Boris's key lime pie Bottle of Calcutta Emerald Bottle of Definit Bottle of Domesticated Turkey Bottle of Evermore Bottle of Jorge Sinsonte Bottle of Lieutenant Freeman Bottle of Pete%27s Sake Bottle of Pete's Sake Bottle of Pinot Renoir Bottle of cooking sherry Bottle of gin Bottle of laundry sherry Bottle of popskull Bottle of rum Bottle of sake Bottle of tequila Bottle of vodka Bottle of whiskey Bowl of Bounty-Os Bowl of cottage cheese Bowl of rye sprouts Bowl of Scorpions Bowl of topioca Boxed champagne Boxed wine Brain-meltingly-hot chicken wings Brains casserole Breakfast Blast wine cooler Brimstone Chicken Sandwich Brown sugar cane Bunch of square grapes Cactus fruit Caipifruta Calle de miel Can of Swiller Can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce Candied yams Carton of snake milk Carob brownies Carob chunk cookies Carob chunk noodles Carob chunks Catgut taco Catsup Centipede eggs Cherry Cherry pie Cherrytastrophe wine cooler Chorizo brownies Chorizo taco Citrus Crush wine cooler Cob of corn Cobb's Knob Wurstbrau Cocktail onion Cocoa eggshell fragment Cranberries Crazy little Turkish delight Cream stout Creamsicle Crimbo pie Cruelty-free wine Cup of primitive beer Cursed Punch Custard pie Day-old beer Decanter of fine Scotch Dehydrated caviar Delicious noodles Delicious spicy noodles Deluxe layer cake Desiccated apricot Digital key lime pie Dire fudgesicle Distilled fortified wine Divine Double Bacon Beelzeburger Dry martini Dry vodka martini Ducha de oro Dusty bottle of Marsala Dusty bottle of Merlot Dusty bottle of Muscat Dusty bottle of Pinot Noir Dusty bottle of Port Dusty bottle of Zinfandel Dwarf bread Eagle's milk Eggnog Electric snakebite Elfin shortbread Enchanted bean burrito Ent cider Evil boring spaghetti Evil delicious noodles Evil delicious spicy noodles Evil ducha de oro Evil horizontal tango Evil painful penne pasta Evil ravioli della hippy Evil roll in the hay Evil spicy noodles Exotic jungle fruit Extra-flat panini Extra-spicy bloody mary Fancy beef jerky Fine wine Fishy fish Fishy fish casserole Fishy fish lasagna Flamin' Whatshisname Flavorless gruel Flute of flat champagne Fog Murderer Fortune cookie Frat brats Fricasseed brains Fruity girl swill Fusilli marrownarrow Fuzzbump Genalen™ Bottle Ghuol egg Ghuol egg quiche Ghuol guolash Ghuol-ear kabob Giant grain of protein powder Giant heirloom grape tomato Gibson Gimlet Gin and tonic Gin-soaked blotter paper Glass of goat's milk Glob of cream cheese Glowing fungus Gnat lasagna Gnatloaf Gnatloaf casserole Goat cheese Goat cheese pizza Goat cheese taco Gordon Bennett Gr8ps Grapefruit Grapes Green beer Green Manalishi Grog Grue egg omelette Gunky chicken Handful of nuts and berries Handful of walnuts Hell broth Herb brownies Herbal stuffing Hippy herbal tea Horizontal tango Hot buttered roll Hot date Hot wing Ice-cold Sir Schlitz Ice-cold Willer Ice-cold fotie Imitation White Russian Imp Ale Incredible pizza Insanely spicy bean burrito Insanely spicy enchanted bean burrito Insanely spicy jumping bean burrito Jarlsberg's key lime pie Junk Food Junk Yard Jumbo Dr. Lucifer Jumbo olive Jumping bean burrito Jumping bean taco Jungle floor wax Juniper berries Ketchup Kiwi Knob jelly donut Knob ka-bobs Knob lo mein Knob mushroom Knob nuts Knob pasty Knob sausage Knob sausage chow mein Knob sausage stir-fry Knob shroomkabob Knob stir-fry Knoll lo mein Knoll mushroom Knoll shroomkabob Knoll stir-fry Kumquat Large cocoa eggshell fragment Lemon Lemon meringue pie Lemon popsicle Lihc eye pie Lime Long pork casserole Long pork chop sandwiches Long pork lasagna Lord of the Flies-sized fries Mad Train wine Mae West Magical baguette Mana curds Mandarina colada Manetwich Margarita Martini McMillicancuddy's Special Lager Melted Jell-o shot Menudo Mimosette Mind flayer corpse Mixed wildflower greens Mon Tiki Monkey wrench Moose chocolate Mushroom pizza Neuromancer Nutty organic salad Ocean motion Old-fashioned Olive Olive lo mein Olive stir-fry Open sauce Orange Orangemageddon wine cooler Oreille Divisée brandy Overcookie Overpriced "imported" beer Packet of beer nuts Packet of tofurkey gravy Painful penne pasta Painting of a glass of wine Papaya Papaya sling Papaya slung Papaya taco Parisian cathouse Peach Peach pie Pear Pear tart Perpendicular hula Pestopiary Philosopher's scone Piece of wedding cake Pigeon egg Pink pony Plain old beer Plain pizza Plum Plum wine Popular tart Pr0n chow mein Pr0n cocktail Pr0n m4nic0tti Pr0n stir-fry Pr0n taco Premium malt liquor Prussian cathouse Psychotic Train wine Purple pixel pie Questionable taco Rabbit punch Radberry Rip wine cooler Ram%27s Face Lager Ram's Face Lager Raspberry Rat appendix chow mein Rat appendix kabob Rat appendix stir-fry Rat scrapple Ravioli della hippy Red-hot boilermaker Red red wine Red rum Redrum Red velvet cake Rockin' wagon Roll in the hay Royal jelly Royal jelly taco Rum and cola Russian Ice Salacious crumbs Salty dog Salty slug Sangria Sausage pizza Sausage wonton Savoy truffle Screwdriver Sheet cake Shot of blackberry schnapps Shot of grapefruit schnapps Shot of orange schnapps Shot of peach schnapps Shot of pear schnapps Shot of rotgut Shot of tomato schnapps Single-serving herbal stuffing Skewered cat appendix Slap and tickle Slimy fermented bile bladder Slimy sweetbreads Slip 'n' slide Sneaky Pete's key lime pie Snifter of thoroughly aged brandy Spaghetti with ghost balls Spam Witch sammich Spiced rum Spicy bean burrito Spicy enchanted bean burrito Spicy jumping bean burrito Spicy noodles Spooky lo mein Spooky mushroom Spooky shroomkabob Spooky stir-fry Stale baguette Stalk of asparagus Standard-issue cupcake Star key lime pie Stolen sushi Strawberry Strawberry daiquiri Strawberry pie Strawberry wine Stuffed spooky mushroom Stunt nuts Succulent marrow Suggestive strozzapreti Super ka-bob Super salad Supernova Champagne Sweet roll Alabama T8r tots Tangarita Tangerine Tasty tart Tea for one Teqiwila Teqiwila slammer Tequila sunrise Tequila sunset Tequila with training wheels Thermos full of Knob coffee Thistle wine Toast Tofu casserole Tofu chow mein Tofu stir-fry Tofu taco Tofu wonton Tofurkey gravy Tofurkey leg Tofurkey nugget Tomato Tomato daiquiri Trollhouse cookies Tropical swill Tube of cranberry Go-Goo Turtle soup Typical Tavern swill Ultra-deluxe cupcake Uncooked chorizo Unflavored wine cooler Unidentified jerky Unnamed cocktail Vampire chowder Vinegar-soaked lemon slice Vodka and cranberry Vodka and tonic Vodka gibson Vodka martini Vodka stratocaster Wet stew Whiskey and cola Whiskey and soda Whiskey bittersweet Whiskey sour White Canadian White Castle burger White Castle fries White Citadel burger White Citadel fries White chocolate and tomato pizza White chocolate chip brownies White chocolate chip cookies White chocolate chips White lightning White rice Wine spritzer Yam candy Ye Olde Meade Yellow brick road Zmobie