Back Room Dealings

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Back Room Dealings
Back Room Dealings

You sneak through the door into the gym's back office, and are immediately disappointed by its contents. The entirety of the room's contents are:

1 desk, atop which sits
1 book, titled "Manage Like a Wolf: How to Manage Like a Wolf"
1 novelty Mylar balloon, floating barely above the floor

Read the book

You read the book. You don't learn much about management, but your inner wolf learns some tricks that makes it louder and more obnoxious.

Exclam.gif Improved Howling!
Huff the balloon

You suck all of the air out of the balloon, hoping to make your voice sound funny, but it turns out the balloon just contained regular air. Fortunately, the air was originally from a forest, which invigorates your inner wolf.

Lung.gif +3 Wolf Lung Capacity

Occurs in The Inner Wolf Gym as a choice of Cooldown.